An area of grass or grass-like vegetation. Grasslands recieve enough rain each year to not form a deserts, but not enough to be forests. (Grasslands 3)



 There are two types of Grasslands:


Temperate: has hot summers and cold winters. Because of the climate, it has very rich soil. They are known as steppes,  and pampas. 


Tropical: is hot all year round with torrential rain. These are known as praries, and savannas.



 Grasslands are used as grazing areas for cattle and livestock,

                                            farming and agriculture, and

                                            as natural preserves and reservations for many



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Did you know?

Baby Giraffes are called calfs, and they spend 15 months inside their mothers wombs before dropping to the grassland. (BBC 10) 

About 50% of calfs die in their first 6 months of life in the hands of preditors. (BBC 10)

The average life-span is 25 years, and 28 in captivity. (BBC 3)