What have you learned?

What is the near extinct subspecies of Zebra that roams the South African savanna?

The Quagga!

Milkweed plants are interdependant with dragonflies. True or False?

False. Milkweed plants are interdependant with Monarch Butterflies.

The recently major extinct animal of the African savanna is the Asian Elephant. True or False?

False. The Black Rhino is offically been declaired extinct. The Asian Elephant is on the endangered list.

What two biomes are grasslands most always located between?

    A Desert and a Forest.

What is the most threatening aspect towards the grasslands of the world?

    Global Warming!

Grasslands are not primarily used for which of the following:
A) livestock grazing B) national parks C) duck hunting D) agriculture

C) Duck hunting...

Which of the following is NOT a term that refers to grasslands:
A) steppes B) temperate C) pampas D) praries

B) temperate. This IS a type of grassland, but can also be used with other nouns and in different context.

Where is Nadjamena?
A) Nigeria B) Aulstralia C) Canada D) Chad

D) Chad!

In the past, how much of the Earth has been covered with grasslands?
A) 100% B) 50% C) 25% D) none.

C) 25%, or 1/4

Where are trees found in a grassland?
A) where God put them B) near rivers and water C) wherever D) the duck cabin

B) Near rivers and water

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Did you know?

Baby Giraffes are called calfs, and they spend 15 months inside their mothers wombs before dropping to the grassland. (BBC 10) 

About 50% of calfs die in their first 6 months of life in the hands of preditors. (BBC 10)

The average life-span is 25 years, and 28 in captivity. (BBC 3)