Aulstralian Grassland Food Web

This is an example of one of the many food webs that may be witnessed in a grassalnd, and it includeds the producers (grasses, whattle tree), the herbivores who are primary consumers (kangaroos, wombats), the carnivores and omnivores that make up the secondary consumers (magpie,emu), and the carnivores of the tertiary consumers (dingo). It also includes the sun, which producers need for photoynthesis wherein they create the enrgy that will be passed though the consumers. The only thing this food web is missing the decomposers, which help to bring the web full circle. 


(Gould League, 1)

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Did you know?

Baby Giraffes are called calfs, and they spend 15 months inside their mothers wombs before dropping to the grassland. (BBC 10) 

About 50% of calfs die in their first 6 months of life in the hands of preditors. (BBC 10)

The average life-span is 25 years, and 28 in captivity. (BBC 3)