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09/20/2008 00:00

Grassland Threats

 National Geographic     A quarter of...
09/12/2008 22:12

09/12/2008 21:55

BB Giraffee Info
09/12/2008 00:00

Works Cited    https://science.  
03/27/2008 00:00

The Clean Energy Scam

By Michael Grunwald, TIME   From his Cessna a mile above the southern Amazon, John Carter looks down on the destruction of the world's greatest ecological jewel. He watches men converting rain forest into cattle pastures and soybean fields with bulldozers and chains. He sees fires wiping out...
02/11/2008 00:00

Doing It Wrong

 Karen Pinchin NEWSWEEK Even the best of green intentions can sometimes go awry. That's the message from a new study in today's issue of the journal Science. In recent years demand for ethanol and other biofuels—gasoline substitutes made from fermenting corn, sugar and other crops—has taken...
10/18/2004 00:00

Working To Save the West

  By Karen Breslau NEWSWEEK   RANCHERS JOIN FORCES WITH THEIR OLD FOES: CONSERVATIONISTS From his ranch outside Helena, Jim McMaster has a sobering view of Montana's future: mile after mile of huge new trophy homes that stop only where his fence begins. For years real-estate...

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Did you know?

Baby Giraffes are called calfs, and they spend 15 months inside their mothers wombs before dropping to the grassland. (BBC 10) 

About 50% of calfs die in their first 6 months of life in the hands of preditors. (BBC 10)

The average life-span is 25 years, and 28 in captivity. (BBC 3)